MOCEANS Support Coordination Empowers Individuals to be Self-Advocates


You want to live your life to the fullest. You need a plan that allows you to achieve the dreams you have. MOCEANS Support Coordination Services has the knowledge to assist you with planning. We have the experience to connect you to the resources you need. Our agency works for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We’re advocates in action.

You are at the center of the MOCEANS approach to Support Coordination. Our agency empowers you to choose the life you want. We help you to learn how to be a strong self-advocate and advocate with you to help make informed choices and ensure that you are satisfied with the services you receive. 


MOCEANS Support Coordinators Advocate with You

When you’re choosing a Support Coordination Agency or considering making a change—you owe it to yourself to get to know us better.

  • MOCEANS is a self-approving agency
  • MOCEANS embraces a holistic approach to Person-Centered Planning
  • MOCEANS guides you through self-discovery of your Individualized Service Plan
  • MOCEANS Support Coordinators are available 24/7 to assist you

Anyone eligible for Division of Developmental Disability services and is a resident of Monmouth or Ocean County in New Jersey can choose MOCEANS as their Support Coordination agency.


    Getting Started With MOCEANS Support Coordination

    Support Coordination is a program of the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities.

    To be eligible for Support Coordination, you need to be:

    • Eligible for Medicaid
    • 21 years of age or older
    • Qualified for the Supports Program or Community Care Program through the Division of Developmental Disabilities


    Not sure if you’re eligible for Support Coordination?

    Use the MOCEANS Eligibility Tool to learn more. Individuals who are in the process of establishing eligibility for the Supports Program or Community Care Program can get assistance from MOCEANS Center for Independent Living.

    Once you’ve been notified of eligibility by NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities, you can select the agency that you want to work with for Support Coordination.

    MOCEANS has the added benefits of being:

    • A Self-Approving Agency that will provide you with quick access to services.
    • A local advocate with relationships in your community.

    If you are new to Support Coordination Services, MOCEANS will:

    • Use the Person-Centered Planning Tool to guide you through the process of establishing an Individualized Service Plan for services you want.
    • Link you to services and resources that you choose.

    Individuals who are transferring their Support Coordination Services to MOCEANS don’t have to repeat the process. 

    We will: 

    • review the plan that you have in place;
    • ensure that it is the plan you want;
    • connect you to services you choose.

    Getting More From Your Support Coordination Agency With MOCEANS

    What makes the MOCEANS approach to Support Coordination different?

    We think that it all starts with the four pillars of our approach:

    • Relationships
    • Advocacy
    • Training
    • Quality

    MOCEANS Support Coordination Is Built on Relationships

    We think our approach builds better relationships. Those better relationships get better results. The Person-Centered Planning Tool and Individualized Service Plan aren’t just boxes to be checked. These documents are part of a discovery process. We listen, learn about your goals, and understand what you need us to do to provide the support you need.

    We’ve had the same approach to building strong relationships throughout our three decades of service to the individuals and communities of Monmouth and Ocean counties. So, you benefit from the knowledge, experience, and resources that we can tap into based on the strength of our existing relationships.

    MOCEANS Support Coordinators Are Advocates In Action

    We believe that building strong relationships makes us better advocates. Our holistic approach to advocacy includes educating and empowering the individuals we work with so they can take control of their supports and services.

    We consider every aspect of your plan—from your intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspirations to the physical, social, and occupational supports you need to achieve fulfillment. We use our relationships in the community and beyond to find the resources you need to reach those goals and then exceed your own expectations.

    MOCEANS Training Aims for Continuous Improvement

    We believe that we can always get better at what we do. Our team is continually learning and participating in training that improves our ability to serve  each individual that we work with.

    When you choose MOCEANS as your Support Coordination Agency, you get a whole team of advocates. We are dedicated to delivering services and supports that achieve the goals you set.

    Our team is comprised of:

    • A Program Supervisor who has more than 25-years of experience working in the disability field
    • A Lead Support Coordinator who leads our outreach and provides direct services and intensive support to our team members
    • A team of qualified Support Coordinators, all of whom reside in Monmouth and Ocean Counties
    • A dedicated Quality Assurance Clerk and an Administrative Assistant.

    Our decades of experience are a solid foundation. But we are never satisfied until you are.

    MOCEANS is Committed to Quality Support Coordination Services

    We go above and beyond the standards set by the Division of Developmental Disabilities. That is the goal—wherever, whenever, and however, we can.

    All of our Individualized Plans are reviewed by a Supervisor. Our process includes regular check-ins. We follow-up with individuals, their support networks, service providers, and employment support agencies to ensure that the highest standards are being set and met.

    Choose the Support Coordination Agency That Will Work For You

    Connecting you to the information and resources that you need to pursue and achieve the goals you set for yourself is the ultimate goal for Support Coordination.

    At MOCEANS, we have the benefit of experience, relationships in the community, and a dedicated team of Support Coordinators.  We bring everything we have to every plan that we work on.

    If that sounds like what you’re looking for from a Support Coordination Agency, we would love to hear from you.

    Dial: (732) 571-6232 or

    Dial: (866) 980-3554

    Fax : (844) 645-5490


    213 Broadway, Room 102

    Long Branch, NJ 07740

    Satellite Office:

    101 Crawfords Corner Rd

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