MOCEANS Support Coordinators Work With an Individual’s Family & Natural Support Network

Support Coordination is about empowering individuals living with disabilities. That means assisting them in making choices that are right for them. We encourage family and other members of the individual’s support network to be part of that process in whatever way the individual chooses.

The goal of MOCEANS Support Coordination Services is to connect individuals with what they need to make their own choices. Then we link the individual to the services and supports that help them pursue their goals. Parents, siblings, extended family, friends, and mentors are valuable sources of insight and inspiration. That should be a part of the individual’s planning process.

MOCEANS doesn’t make choices for the individuals that we work with. We empower them to make informed decisions on their own behalf. We advocate for the resources they need. Our goal isn’t to replace a support network. The goal is to provide support, services and resources that allow an individual, their family, and their support network to pursue their lives.

MOCEANS Support Coordination Puts Your Loved One In Control

There are many reasons to choose MOCEANS as your Support Coordination Agency:

  • We have been part of the community in Monmouth and Ocean Counties for more than three decades.
  • We are a comprehensive Center for Independent Living offering a range of services at no additional cost. That includes:
    • Advocacy
    • Information and Referral
    • Peer Support
    • Independent Living Skills Instruction
    • Youth Transition Services
  • We are a Self-Approving Agency—Meaning your loved one will never experience delays waiting for approval from DDD.

Any resident of Monmouth or Ocean County who is eligible for Support Coordination can choose MOCEANS as their Support Coordination Agency, whether you are new to the program or seeking to transfer support services from another agency.

When your loved one chooses MOCEANS, they’ll benefit from our:

  • Extensive and long-standing network of connections in the community
  • Experience and dedication to advocacy in action
  • Continuous improvement through training and collaboration
  • Rigorous Quality Assurance practices and commitment to client satisfaction

MOCEANS Support Coordinators Encourage Individuals, Their Families, and Other Supports to Focus On Living Their Lives

Researching information about programs and advocating for services would quickly turn into a full-time job if you had to do it on your own. It would be exhausting and frustrating. There would be no time left to enjoy your lives together.

Because MOCEANS is a comprehensive Center for Independent Living, we can assist individuals and their support networks with every step in the process. From establishing eligibility and planning supports to pursuing lives of independence and fulfillment—your satisfaction is our standard for success.

The MOCEANS Support Coordination Resource Library provides tools that help individuals and their support networks stay informed about MOCEANS events in the community. We provide access to the tools that we’ve developed to help individuals and their families navigate the Support Coordination process.

We believe that sharing information and resources is the best way to empower our allies.

You and Your Loved One Get More When You Choose MOCEANS For Support Coordination

MOCEANS Support Coordination is built on the four pillars of:

  • Relationships
  • Advocacy
  • Training
  • Quality

Our Agency is dedicated to continual improvement and maintaining rigorous standards to ensure total client satisfaction. Our holistic approach to advocacy and the relationships that we’ve built in the community over the decades allow us to provide services that go beyond what other agencies can offer.

You want a Support Coordination Agency that will connect you and your loved one to information, expedite services, and advocate on your behalf. Look no further than MOCEANS.

Dial: (732) 571-6232 or

Dial: (866) 980-3554

Fax : (844) 645-5490


213 Broadway, Room 102

Long Branch, NJ 07740

Satellite Office:

101 Crawfords Corner Rd

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