Is MOCEANS Support Coordination Right For You?

MOCEANS is proud of the work that we have done. For more than three decades, we’ve delivered quality disability services to individuals residing in Monmouth and Ocean Counties of New Jersey.

We know that every day brings fresh opportunities and challenges. We work to deliver services and supports for individuals living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The goal of empowerment and informed choice is the core of MOCEANS Support Coordination services.   Support Coordinators serve as guides to help individuals identify goals, plan progress, and secure resources and information.

If you choose MOCEANS for Support Coordination, you get solution-focused allies. We are advocates. We’re dedicated to empowering you to plot a course toward the life you envision.

When You Choose MOCEANS Support Coordination

Our holistic approach to Support Coordination acknowledges your needs on every level:

  • Intellectual – Enhance creativeness and knowledge
  • Emotional – Manage stress
  • Physical – Manage health through nutrition and exercise
  • Social – Enhance social life
  • Spiritual – Embrace your purpose
  • Occupational – Maintain a work/life balance



MOCEANS Support Coordinators are trustworthy, dependable, and dedicated. They work tirelessly to deliver information and resources you need to make informed decisions and turn your visions to reality.


    What We Do

    It’s our mission to assist people in living their best life. We offer the services and supports that individuals living with intellectual and developmental disabilities need to envision, plan, and live an independent and fulfilling life.

    The vision of MOCEANS CIL’s service is to:

    • Assist people with disabilities to achieve independence in the community.
    • Provide information and referrals services in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.
    • Educate individuals, their families, and the community-at-large.
    • Provide peer support for individuals, their families, and other supports.
    • Be a leader in the community for services, education, and advocacy.

    Our passion is fueled by empathy and experience. More than half of our staff and Board of Directors are comprised of individuals living with disabilities.

    You can see empathy and experience in the way we guide individuals through person-centered planning. 



    How We Do It

    MOCEANS Support Coordination blends compassion and experience.  Our Support Coordinators deliver the results that individuals and their families need. 

    Our agency works with individuals and their families before they turn 21 through Youth Transition programs. This helps to prepare them for employment and entering adulthood. Also, we guide the process of establishing eligibility for Support Coordination through the Division of Developmental Disabilities and Medicaid.

    We listen to individuals and their families. We want to understand their unique goals. We use a holistic approach to lay out the steps between where you are and where you want to be. We put the plan into action and focus on the milestones you desire.

    We align our plan for services and supports to your preferences. We go above and beyond to find and secure the resources and services you need to realize a life of contentment. 

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