MOCEANS Support Coordination Services

Get to Know Us…

MOCEANS is committed to empowering our neighbors in Monmouth and Ocean Counties to live their best lives.

We have been a part of these communities for more than 30 years.

We work for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

MOCEANS works with families and other supports.

We collaborate and partner with service providers and educators in the community.

We are advocates in action and we educate individuals how to be self-advocates.  We also advocate on behalf of individuals, when requested.  

MOCEANS Support Coordinators

MOCEANS Support Coordinators ensure that individuals with disabilities have access to the services and resources they need.

We use a holistic approach to empower individuals as they plan, pursue, and realize a life of contentment.

MOCEANS Support Coordination Services are available 24/7. We’re here to listen, answer questions, and provide services and supports.

Empowered and informed individual choice is the goal of MOCEANS Support Coordination.

All of MOCEANS’ Support Coordinators reside in Monmouth or Ocean Counties and have firsthand knowledge of services and resources in your area.

Services and Supports

  • Who Is Eligible for Support Coordination?
    • 21 years of age & older
    • NJ DDD Eligible
    • Medicaid Eligible
  • Choosing MOCEANS as the Support Coordination Agency
    • Self-Approving Agency
    • Local Advocates in Action
  • Person-Centered Planning
    • Holistic Approach
    • Self-Discovery
  • Individualized Service
    • Quick access to services
    • Support Coordination

Constituents and Allies

  • Individuals
    • Are you interested in services for yourself?
  • Family and Other Supports
    • Are you looking for services for a loved one?
  • Service Providers
    • Collaborate with us.
  • Educators
    • Work with MOCEANS to help students plan life after graduation.



How Does Support Coordination Work?

The goal of Support Coordination is to ensure that individuals living with intellectual and developmental disabilities have access to the services they want to live independently.

A Support Coordinator should be a resource and an advocate for the individual.

Support Coordination is NOT about making choices for individuals.

Support Coordination IS about empowering individuals, their families, and other supports to make the choices that are right for them.


MOCEANS has been a part of Monmouth and Ocean Counties in New Jersey for more than 30 years.

More than half of MOCEANS’ Staff AND Board of Directors are people living with disabilities.

MOCEANS has the experience and understanding to deliver convenient services and supports that bring dreams within reach.

Individuals, Families, and Other Supports

MOCEANS Support Coordinators are advocates in action. MOCEANS utilizes a holistic, person-centered approach to providing Support Coordination services.

MOCEANS offers other  services available at no additional charge to individuals who work with us for Support Coordination:

  • Advocacy
  • Information and Referral
  • Peer Support
  • Independent Living Skills Instruction
  • Youth Transition Services


Service Providers and Educators

Being a MOCEANS partner brings opportunities for collaboration. This improves everyone’s ability to deliver results for neighbors living with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Presentations and Information Sessions are vital parts of how MOCEANS reaches individuals and their families. They’re also the key to MOCEANS’ ability to serve as an effective advocate in the community.

Be a Part of The MOCEANS Community

Looking to participate in a MOCEANS event or workshop?

Looking for collaboration opportunities with a local non-profit?

Looking for another way to support the MOCEANS mission?

We can always use a hand from neighbors and partners who care to move our mission forward.  

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