MOCEANS Support Coordination is a Resource For Educators

The Teachers, Counselors, Social Workers, Therapists, and other Child Study Team members who work to mentor students are vital to the MOCEANS mission. The work that they do prepares individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to make choices about their lives in adulthood.

MOCEANS Support Coordinators value opportunities to work with educators to expand the choices available to individuals and increase their satisfaction with our services and supports. We are a valuable resource for educators and are always learning from educators to improve our own understanding.

Empowering individuals with disabilities to choose a life of independence and contentment is a process. It begins long before an individual’s 21st birthday. MOCEANS Support Coordinators welcome every chance to collaborate with educators throughout the student’s lifespan to do more and do better for the individuals we serve.

Partners for a Lifetime of Services and Supports

MOCEANS Support Coordinators work with Educators in a variety of ways. If you have innovative and exciting ideas about other ways to work together, we would love to hear them.

Information Sessions

It’s never too early to start planning for a smooth transition into adulthood. MOCEANS delivers on-site and virtual presentations for students, educators, and families to help them prepare for that journey.

Our presentations help clarify, simplify, and streamline the process of establishing eligibility through the New Jersey Department of Developmental Disabilities. They educate individuals and families on the importance of choosing the right Support Coordination Agency. We also provide information that helps individuals envision adult life defined by independence and fulfillment.


MOCEANS believes that information is the key to making empowered choices. Empowered choices are the foundation of self-advocacy.

We maintain a library of resources to put all of our partners in touch with the information they need to imagine what is possible and choose what is right for them.

Our decades of experience and commitment to continuous improvement have helped us develop tools that make navigating the Support Coordination process more accessible.

Common Goals

MOCEANS is an agency that believes that a life of independence and fulfillment can only come from a holistic approach to services and supports. We go beyond the standards set by the DDD to find the resources and information that individuals need.

It takes a vibrant community to provide the supports and services that individuals need. We want to help individuals living with disabilities to dream big dreams and set challenging goals. We want to connect them with information and resources. But we also want to connect them with their community. By working together with Service Providers and Educators, we are able to do more and do better.

Work With MOCEANS Support Coordination To Do More—Better

Our agency appreciates the vital role that educators play in preparing individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live their adult lives to the fullest. We value the role that educators play in the lives of students and highly regard what we learn through our relationships with the Child Study Team members.

What can MOCEANS Support Coordination do to be a better resource for you? How can we help you do what you do better? If it delivers value to individuals living with disabilities—it is important to us. Help us get better at what we do!

If you have ideas about how MOCEANS can provide exceptional services and supports, drop us a line so we can schedule an opportunity to discuss your vision. If there is anything we can do to help you do more for your students, we want to know.

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